Next steps to a bigger bike

Direct Access Scheme (DAS)

The Direct Access Scheme (DAS) is for those people who would like to get a full unrestricted motorbike licence.

DAS is only available for people aged 24 and over, unless you have already held an A2 motorcycle licence for at least 2 years and are following the progressive access route which allows people who have held their existing A2 bike licence for 2 years to upgrade their licence to a full unrestricted licence by simply re-taking their practical test on a larger unrestricted motorcycle.

Upon passing your DAS test, you will be entitled to ride any powered motorbike or scooter of your choice, carry pillion passenger’s and use motorways.

The DAS test needs to be taken on a motorcycle / scooter which is at least 595cc, and has a power output greater than 40kw (53.6bhp)

As with all the other motorcycle tests, if you decide to pass your direct access test on a manual bike you will be able to ride any motorcycle or scooter/moped, whether it is manual or automatic. However, if you take your direct access course on an automatic bike, your licence will be limited to automatic motorbikes only

County Biker Training Direct Access (DAS) lessons are flexible and tailored to suit your needs.

On average most trainees can expect to pass their tests after 3 or 4 days training, this can vary though depending on your motorcycling experience.

The cost of the course is therefore determined by the amount of training required, be assured though that both you & Instructor will know when you are ready for your test, so you wont be paying for more lessons than required.


Before you start:

– You must have completed a CBT course
– You must have a motorcycle theory test certificate (your theory certificate number will be required when you book your practical test)

The Direct Access Course (DAS) course is split into 2 modules



Training on this exercise is done on an off road site.

What happens during Module 1?
Module one includes the following manoeuvres:

– Wheeling the motorcycle around and using the stand
– Doing a slalom and figure of eight
– A slow ride
– U-turn cornering and controlled stop
– Cornering and the emergency stop
– Cornering and hazard avoidance



You must have a Module 1 Pass Certificate.

You will receive intensive on road training on all aspects of the Module 2 Test.

What happens during Module 2?
This module includes the:

– Eyesight test
– Safety and balance questions
– Road riding element
– Independent riding section

NB. All following documents must be taken to test – both parts of your Licence, Theory & CBT certificate, Module 1 certificate required when attending Module 2 test.

Tests will not go ahead without these documents and Test fees will be lost